Why Join Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty?

If you were to ask any of the more than 350 real estate professionals who have joined Royal LePage ProAlliance, you will hear a common theme describing the reasons they chose Royal  LePage ProAlliance to be their own business partner.
Culture and Environment, Superior Training, Coaching and Support.

Royal LePage ProAlliance has thrived in part because of its ability to help our associates realize their goals. Royal LePage ProAlliance continues to change and adapt. We are not the same company we were in the 90’s. Royal LePage ProAlliance is ever evolving, changing with the times and growing. Our associates; our business partners, are the beneficiaries of our progress.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with the very best leadership, productivity tools, training, management and support. This coupled with your dedicated efforts and desire to succeed will ensure that you produce more transactions with Royal LePage ProAlliance as your partner than anywhere else you may consider.

You will have our full support!

When you partner with Royal LePage ProAlliance you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Four Full time, non-competing managing brokers.
  • Experienced administrative staff skilled in assisting and training on systems and any software applications that you may or will be utilizing on a daily basis in your real estate business.
  • Professional in-house real estate training that will train you on the critical topics and systems that are necessary for you to be able to build and sustain a successful business.
  • Professional Real Estate Courses that have been designed by experts in the industry, specifically for Royal LePage ProAlliance. These and other courses have been created to enhance and fast track your real estate business and move you into dollar producing activities as quickly as possible. The courses are delivered in a Class Room Environment and are facilitated by our Real Estate Trainers.
  • The IT world is ever changing and we are constantly keeping up with the changes to assist you with the challenges you face daily in the new technology forum.
  • In-house coach/management team. No need to hire an expensive coach from an outside supplier. Our own in-house coach/management team works one on one with you to enhance your personal business and help you grow it to its maximum potential.
  • Full time accounting staff. Pay day is every day. At Royal LePage ProAlliance we recognize that you work hard for your commissions and for you to wait longer than necessary for your commission cheque is unacceptable.
  • Marketing Department. In-house graphic designer works one on one to enhance your brand, marketing and advertising needs.

In-House Training programs from industry leaders

Peak Producers

Peak Producers give you a step-by-step action plan to overcome peaks and valleys in your income and produce at a consistently high level. Whether you’re a 16-year veteran or a brand-new agent, this 12-week training program gives you the strategies to build a rock-solid real estate business.

Developed by Brian Buffini, the Peak Producers course will assist you with; generating more leads, closing more sales, navigate price reductions, getting buyers off the fence, becoming and excellent negotiator and getting organized.

Insane Productivity

Darren Hardy was the publisher & editor of Success Magazine and the creator of Insane Productivity. He interviewed a countless number of people who achieved great success in their lives. If you want to hear credible advice from someone who teaches success, he fits the bill since being the face of Success Magazine isn’t something you can fake.

One of Darren’s all time passions is the study of productivity and how to achieve more out of your schedule. His “Insane Productivity” course covers over a decade of study into the secrets of attaining great productivity.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: 4 Productivity Addictions
Module 3: 4 Productivity Addictions Continued
Module 4: 4 Productivity Addictions Continued
Module 5: 4 Productivity Addictions Continued
Module 6: Values
Module 7: Strategic Breakthroughs for going BIG
Module 8: Success Vitals
Module 9: Massive Transformation Formula
Module 10: Massive Transformation Formula Continued
Module 11: Vital Improvements
Module 12: Building Your Support System

Richard Robbins’ Masters Formula© Agent Certification is a 10 week program that combines in-class participation, online learning and accountability for maximum results and effectiveness.

Agents walk away with:
• A step-by-step system for generating high quality leads tailored to their strengths
• Improved sales and presentation skills for today’s new real estate world
• Clarity and a laser sharp focus on individual goals, both personal and professional
• A complete business and marketing plan for breakthrough growth
• The inspiration and motivation to take massive action toward their goals

Leaders Edge Training

In-house live and video training designed by industry leader, Chris Leader, covers all the leading edge skills in the real estate profession.  Master the sales psychology, lead generation, marketing strategies and listing/pricing presentations needed to earn more money and have a better balance in life.

This highly motivational, intensive course exposes you to innovative strategies and the latest technologies being used by the best in the business.

It is the most comprehensive real estate course in North America, covering ALL aspects of running a profitable business.

Classes are held one day/week for seven weeks from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each week you learn a new topic and are given assignments to apply what you learn in the field. We track your productivity, help you overcome challenges, and consult with you on an ongoing basis. The result? Students increase their production on average by over 217% during the course.

Real Estate Rocks by David Knox

This 10 week program combines in-house live training with video training from industry leader, David Knox covering advanced and experienced agent training.